• Empowering marginalized youth through arts based literacy programs

    In the Circle of light
    We gather
    To illuminate the world

Empowering marginalized youth through arts based literacy programs

In the Circle of light

We gather

To illuminate the world


Mentor Artists – MAPP

MAPP stands for Mentor Artists Playwrights Project. We are an arts education provider and events producer that partners with schools, tribal councils, not-for-profit community development organizations, human rights and social justice advocates, and colleges and universities, to bring unique creative workshops, arts programming, and live presentations to marginalized communities.

“I have such great admiration for Tom and Zilah. I feel like they just keep giving kids from my community a chance to grow and just see themselves in a different light.”

MAPP Programs

Want to start something creative in your school, theatre, or neighborhood center? We offer specialized arts based training programs according to your community’s interests and needs.


Nez Perce Reservation


Coeur D’ Alene Reservation

Duck Valley, Shoshone – Paiute Reservation

TRIO Upward Bound

Duck Valley, Shoshone – Paiute Reservation

Nez Perce Reservation


Coeur D’ Alene Tribe Dept. of Education

Kessler Keener Foundation, Boise Idaho

Boise State University TRIO Upward Bound

Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC) – Nez Perce Reservation

Duck Valley Shoshone- Paiute Reservation

Casey Family Programs

Washington State University

University of Idaho

North Idaho College

Lapwai High School, Lapwai ID

Lewis- Clark State College (LCSC), Lewiston, ID

American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC), Oakland CA.

Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), Portland, OR

Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC), Anchorage, AK

Penelakut Tribe – British Columbia, CA

Migrant Education Program – Salinas, CA


We appreciate the incredible support we receive to keep our programs going! Our current major funders include:

The Qinti Fund of the Tides Foundation

Coeur D’Alene Tribe Department of Education

Native Youth Community Project – Office of Indian Education

Coeur D’Alene Tribal Council

Daniel Saxon & Channing Chase Fund

Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee

Kessler Keener Foundation

Duck Valley Shoshone Paiute Tribe Department Of Education-

TRIO Upward Bound –  Boise State University

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Casey Family Programs
The Canada Council for the Arts
American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC)
North Idaho College
Portland State University
Human Rights Education Institute
College of Idaho
Martin Luther King Legacy Committee – BSU
Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)
Multnomah County Library
Chemawa Indian School
Nez Perce Tribe
Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC)
Penelakut Tribe
Idaho Commission for the arts
Donnelley Foundation
Labrador Trust
Prince Trust
Sunflower Fund
Urban Ink Productions (Vancouver B.C.)
Coeur D’ Alene Tribal School
Lewis- Clark State College
Washington State University
College of Idaho
University of Idaho
Leah Allina
Edmond Allmond
Shirley Anderson
Evan A. Bartoletti and Lisa Lechuga
Kay Bess
Davd Bottrell
Theresa Bruno
Penny Carr
Modesto Chavez
Christina Christensen
Lydia Chung
Courteney Cuomo
Jamielou Delavan
Daniel Duling
Ron Eckert
Richard Embardo
Sydney and Clark Fidler
N.S. Kodama
Trish Gardner
Edwin and Martha Keener
Kathye Guccione
Jamie Glowacki
Fay Greene
Wendy Arterburn
Mary Baldwin
Maria C Guerrero
Mark Haines
Micheal Hargrove
Andrea Haskett
Kirsten and Dan Hays
Kendis Heffley
Michael W Hill
Esther Holmes
Savona Holmes
Tracy Hudak
Chris Iorio
Neil Johnson
Kelly S Jurgens
Ameenah Kaplan
Samantha Kettle
Cynthia Kodama
Susan Kurtz
Mark Lifrieri
David Loitz
Joan Ravenna
Celine Mares
Karen Maseng
Karen Mathieu
Zilah Mendoza
Andrew Mersmann
Stephen Miller
Angelique Mouyis
Michele Natali
Leta Neustaedter
Paul Outlaw
Bob Pederson
Cameron Phillips
Aldo Pisano
Jill Pixley
James Keitges
Richard Kellogg Sr.
Samantha Kettle
Joe Quintero
Virginia Rankin
Semanko Realty Group,llc
Elizabeth Ricce
Diane Roberts
Julie Sato
Timothy V. Shepperd
Kevin Sifuentes
Diane Smith
Maureen Teefy
Karen Thordarson
Christine Tobar-Dupres
Shauna Torok
Sharon Trautwein
Taya Tuggle
Sabra Williams
April Youpee-Roll
Anonymous (12)