The MAPP story – Past…Present… Future

Telling stories… Learning to trust… Making friends… Living creatively…

In the circle of light

Our History

In 2003, after more than a decade of creating and implementing mentored arts programming with various non-profit organizations throughout the United States, Thomas Dean Kellogg founded The Mentor Artists Playwrights Project (MAPP) .  The rest of the story will be found on these pages. It’s a story about courageous individuals and their communities. And that story lives on…

The Mentor Artists – MAPP

 Is an arts consultancy and production company that partners with schools, community service, cultural and human rights organizations, to promote youth empowerment, creative education, cross- cultural and intergenerational dialogue, through our unique community development, creative workshops, and professional presentations.  

The Workshops

The Mentor Artists- MAPP model is what its name says: Artists bringing their gifts to mentor. Along with our internationally recognized mentored playwriting workshops and professionally staged presentations, we have piloted animation, recording, writing for social media,  documentary film, and visual art workshops, with top professionals in their field. Our goal is to provide artists and creative programming that speaks to the heart of the community engaged.  

The Presentations

The beauty of our work is in the product. Great art tells a story and evokes a response from its audience. Our Mentor Artists – MAPP workshops bring young people, artists, and community together. The presentations from that work brings the world together. Many people, including elders in our Native American communities, have talked about the healing experience that takes place during our professionally staged readings of the plays produced in our workshops. Seeing is believing.