Want to start something creative in your school, neighborhood, or village? We offer specialized arts based training programs according to your community’s interests and needs. Here are some examples:

 The Mentored Playwriting Workshops

A group of young people, each paired with a mentor actor/writer, participates in a progressive series of intensive playwriting workshops.

Professionally Staged Presentations

The production of a staged reading series of the young playwright’s work, where the young person plays an active, central role. These dramatic presentations are often seen by hundreds of their peers and adults.

School and youth organization creative workshops

Theatre workshops often provided along with the  Professionally Staged Presentations to give opportunities for more youth to experience the magic of the creative process.   

Teacher and Mentor arts based literacy training

Engaging teachers and youth program directors in creative training methods and mentor orientations.

Cultural MAPPing

A program for adults designed to explore personal and cultural identities in a creative environment.

Mentor Artist – MAPP Spotlight: Imani Antone

Mentor Artist – MAPP Spotlight: My’Kel Johnson

2018 is Happening!

We are in the midst of a website overhaul as well as development and preproduction on many projects in the coming year. Stay tuned!

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